Beautiful You Uk Specialists provide Sensory Massage and Beauty Therapy for those living in care homes. Sensory therapy soothes mind and body, enhances emotional happiness and improves emotional wellbeing, reducing feelings of isolation, anxiety and worry.

Beautiful You wanted to find a way to be able to provide these benefits but in a different way that didn’t require them being present in the homes as they were unable to visit due to lockdown.

So #YouAreMySunshine was created. 

The song ‘You are my sunshine’ a familiar and favourite song within care homes.

The uplifting lyrics during times of isolation, ‘You make me happy when skies are grey’ … also evoking positive memories for those living with a Dementia.

Children singing the song creating an additional benefit of the fantastic relationship between young and old.

The first video posted on social media was made by the BeautifulYou team and requested for others to follow, particularly from children. We have had lots of mums and Dads send in clips which we streamed into care homes where groups or individuals watched and joined in.