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Therapeutic Hand Massage Kit


Beautiful You UK is the first in the UK to provide tailored solutions through the media of sensory beauty therapy and massage to enhance well-being and quality of life for those living with care needs and all stages of dementia. We have formulated a whole package so you, as the main caregiver can provide a soothing and relaxing therapeutic experience to the one(s) you care for.

We have formulated a whole package so you, as the main caregiver can provide a soothing and relaxing therapeutic experience to the one(s) you care for.

My team and I work in care homes as dementia massage specialists, we haven’t been able to go into care homes under current circumstances. After speaking with our care homes and needed now more than ever, we have created a therapeutic hand massage kit.

Combined with our Specialists 30 years experience within the dementia care sector, Carers can now follow our guide use our techniques and products and deliver therapeutic sessions, seeing an incredible response and easing the problems associated to the physical and emotional distress that can lead to behavioural symptoms of dementia – changes in moods, less agitation, helping with isolation, improving sleep quality and many more benefits.

Therapeutic Hand Massage Kit by Beautiful You UK

As a caregiver whether professional, a loved one or friend, your nurturing touch is one of the most important tools you have available at all times. Everyday we rely on our senses, including touch, yet rarely give a second thought to the benefits that come with it.
Lack of human contact is only one of the problems that can lead onto further emotional problems for individuals receiving care. It can cause depression, loneliness, affection deprivation, stress, and poorer health overall.


Lack of touch can also lead to anxiety disorders, immune deficiency, and various types of mood disorders. Gentle touch is a wonderful non-verbal way to communicate tenderness and care, and build the connection between a caregiver and to whom they care for.

Emotional and physical health benefits from therapeutic hand massage:

  • Alleviate anxiety, agitation and depression
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Relax and enhance moods
  • Soothe aches and pains
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Boost circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Build emotional connections

  “The products provided are beautiful, the room scent, creams and soothing sounds create a calm and relaxing atmosphere”… Sarah, Wellbeing Coordinator Norwich 


Therapeutic massage can ease problems associated and linked too many illnesses. The physical and emotional distress that leads to behavioural symptoms of an illness can be significantly reduced by massage, our therapeutic massage is beneficial to all care needs, stages of dementia and quality end of life care.

The comprehensive kit has been specifically formulated so you as the caregiver will have all you need to provide the soothing and relaxing therapeutic experience to the one(s) you care for time and time again.

Exactly what our residents needed every session is so relaxing 

I’m playing the music daily with Mum. It helps calm us both down!

The kit is fab, we were all impressed, and it was exciting to open 

Our products, sounds, scents and techniques have been tried and tested for 5 years and we have had the most wonderful response from these sessions.


  • We suggest that your chosen antibacterial hand wipes and any protective disposable cloths be kept to hand in the kit also.
  • The sound bar will require charging or can be plugged straight into mains.
  • The USB Stick contains suitable soothing music.


  • Natural Aromatherapy Lotion
  • Aromatherapy Scented Mist
  • Beautiful You UK Soothing Sounds 
  • Portable Sound Bar 
  • USBCable / Mains Charger 
  • Antibacterial Hand Wipes 
  • Beauty Therapy Cloths
  • Induction Manual 
  • Demonstration Video Links 
  • One-to-One or Team Tutorial Call /Video Call


Beautiful You UK Specialists work within Residential Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospices, and Young Adult Care Homes. We have confidently delivered a unique and outstanding experience to thousands of our friends in care, working with all care needs, bringing amazing benefits with these techniques. Our therapeutic sessions have been created and adapted to suit these environments and needs, and bring therapeutic support when needed most.

We have provided multi sensory stimulating products that have been used throughout our sessions. Our products, sounds, scents and techniques have been tried and tested for 5 years with our specialists combined 30 years experience in care, we have had the most wonderful response from these sessions which you can now provide. 

Please note we offer a personal call with one of our Specialists to talk you through your guide. Please contact us if we have not already booked our initial consultation. The following guide along with the online video introduction is to help you provide the best experience from your Beautiful You UK Therapeutic Hand Massage Kit.

The physical and emotional benefits from therapeutic massage will last long after the massage has been enjoyed.

If you would like more information, please speak to us directly
on 07490 780 071 or contact


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