As a caregiver you will know the term ‘Sundowning’ or late day confusion, a symptom of Dementia. 

A loved one is likely to experience sundowning if they have mid stage to advanced dementia, however it can be a symptom at any stage of the disease. 

During late afternoon moving into night it can cause a loved one living with dementia to become confused or anxious even aggressive, individuals may move into physical symptoms of pacing and wandering. 

There are ways to reduce sundowning, for their benefit as well as your own as the main caregiver. A few would be to minimise their stress, provide comfort, and be aware or triggers or behavioural patterns. 

Sundowning syndrome can be exhausting, not just for your loved one but for you too. As a caregiver, it’s essential to take good care of yourself. You’ll be in a better place to give your loved one the patience and support they need when you’re rested and healthy.

At Beautiful You UK we promote rest and relaxation for both the receiver and caregiver to have a restful period when needed most, our packages are designed so that you as the main caregiver can maximise restful periods and reduce the unsettling symptoms that may be experienced at these times.