As a caregiver, end of life care will be a time when support may change to meet the needs of the persons last years, months, weeks or days. The importance of quality end of life care is paramount. This is required to ensure respect and dignity to help and comfort that particular person to live as well as possible until they depart from this life. This means whilst caring for the person you must also be supportive to family, loved ones and friends through the difficult time. 

Whilst we do not fully understand what happens during the final stages of life, we understand through research that death is personal to each individual. Where some final stages may require symptom control, pain assistance, from various illnesses, some may not, some may pass and experience no pain at all. Even if there has been an illness prior to the final end of life, an illness that may of changed the cognitive ability or memory functions, the individual person will still have the capacity to feel loved or lonely, to feel frightened or at ease, to feel sad or secure. 

Within Care Homes specialist teams will be part of this final journey. These specialist teams have the resources, equipment and strategies in place to aid in anyway possible. However, many Care Managers now know it is essential to manage the emotional needs of the dying person. The distress that they may be feeling, the anxiety, isolation and the worry they may be experiencing is all taken into consideration. 

Our programme that is currently running across UK Care Homes is to assist within this sensitive area. It is used to provide support and assistance to Care Management and Care Staff to build skills and confidence within providing quality end of life care through a non-pharmacological management approach. We do this by providing comfort therapy and using Sensory Therapeutic Massage. 

Sensory Therapeutic Massage used at end of life can reduce physical pain and ease emotional distress. According to specialist research the senses deplete at the end. Hunger and thirst are the first to go, followed by the ability to speak and see. The ability to hear and feel physical touch typically stays a little longer, but as per the other senses that will eventually go. 

Within our practice we have seen the hugely beneficial outcomes of how gentle touch through massage can help. This practice can bring peace and assurance to a loved one at the time where they may no longer be able to communicate through words or physical expression. A sensory experience such as this, can be as beneficial to some as the required control measures that are in place. You will be connecting on a far deeper emotional level, as to the physical effects of the medication prescribed. The connection made through the need of basic human touch is instilled within us all, from birth to death, and this is essential to health and wellbeing. 

Beautiful You UK has specifically tailored techniques and sensory tools that are far from the typical massage given in a Spa or Salon. Our Sensory Therapeutic Hand Massage is about engaging with the senses of that person to bring inner peace. It’s finding the right energy to bring into that space, the sounds that they will hear, the scents that they will smell and what they may see and feel. 

Our highly trained specialists provide a unique person focused experience, the current programme enables us to share these experiences to empower carers confidence in supporting the emotional needs of the people they care for, loved ones, family and friends. We provide assistance in how best to engage with that individual persons needs through sensory therapeutic solutions. Helping them feel less anxious and worried, helping them feel secure, loved and cared for. We share and guide carers through our combined 30 year’s experience, sharing remedies and techniques, bringing inner peace to the ones you care for. 

As a carer your calmness will be the energy that they feel, your soft tone will be the voice that they hear, your gentle movement will be what they see, your soothing touch will be what they feel. Using this sensory therapeutic combination of soothing sounds, calming scents and gentle touch you can transform the way a person may be feeling. Providing a meaningful and restful period where the beneficiary receives comfort and reassurance, having an outstanding and lasting effect on that individual person’s wellbeing. 

Caring for someone at end of life will bring a sense of gratitude being part of that persons final stages. A rewarding experience, bringing a positive at a sensitive time and giving a person a dignified death. Departing from life knowing all efforts were taken to ensure comfort and emotional wellbeing. Family, loved ones and friends are certain to be left in a better position to grieve knowing that connections were made with their loved ones until their final moments. 

When discussed with families we asked how they would feel in providing hand massage with a loved one. They told us it was a lack of confidence and not truly understanding the benefits and the difference it could make. They were surprised in respect of just how physically and emotionally beneficial it was to their loved ones needs and theirs. When shown how, they told us that there was a sense of emotional connection made, how it had helped them feel more involved and pleased they were able to do something. 

There are many ways in which a person’s needs will change though life and even more so at end of life. We must remember that feelings are still there during every stage. Beautiful You UK’s programme is here to support and empower Carers and to help grow stronger emotional connections for loved ones, family and friends at a time when needed more than ever. 

We are privileged to have worked with so many Care Homes and Families at times where love and compassion is key. We hope to continue to support as many people as we can by sharing these experiences, to find out more information about our programmes and services please contact us at or email direct to we are here to help and support.