Beautiful You Uk Specialists provide Sensory Massage and Beauty Therapy for those living in care homes. Sensory therapy soothes mind and body, enhances emotional happiness and improves emotional wellbeing, reducing feelings of isolation, anxiety and worry. Beautiful...

Activity Coordinators Reviews

We had the girls here today. My residents loved the experience. They looked lovely and very relaxed. Even those that said they didn’t want anything wanted something by the end of the session. Thank you so much for coming to us at Red Rose and we look forward to seeing...

Beautiful You UK the first of its kind

Beautiful You UK is the first of its kind to run dementia friendly beauty therapy workshops within the care home sector, we provide female care home residents with a new and unique therapeutic group activity. The workshop experience is provided by our teams of...

Holding a Hand

It’s proven that something as simple and natural as the physical contact of holding a hand improves quality of life. Proud to say that at times to our lovely ladies, our specialists and I are just that: a hand to hold 💖

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