Activity Coordinators “Not all Super Heroes Wear Capes”

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Activity Coordinators not all super heroes wear capes

Here is Lesley one of the very amazing Care Home Activity Coordinators we have been privileged to work with over the years. 

Lesley has kept the people she cares for safe and well working around the clock to create new experiences for her residents week after week. Not only does Lesley kept her residents entertained but she supports a network of thousands of Care Home Activity Coordinators across the UK, generating idea after idea to her groups to help inspire and promote health and wellbeing to everyone they care for. 

Hours are spent thinking news ideas and she delivers, because the knowledge she carries, the understanding and her sensitivity to the individual needs of the people she’s cares for goes beyond just a job role, Lesley you are an amazing person who strives to give the best quality of life possible to the people you care for and more … because not all super heroes wear capes💕🙏

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