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Dementia Friendly, Feel Good Beauty Therapy


Beautiful You UK, the first of its kind to run Dementia Friendly Feel Good Beauty Therapy, in our pop up Therapeutic Care Home Spa’s across the UK Care Sector, providing female care home residents with a new and unique therapeutic activity that enhances quality of life and wellbeing. 


Our focus is our long term partnerships with care homes, loved ones families and of course the ladies we are able to help and support. A vision to ensure that women who are receiving care have access to the best help and support for their quality of life and wellbeing. With over 70% of residents in Care Homes having dementia, residential homes face many challenges including offering a choice of meaningful activities that enhance quality of life. We understand meaningful Care Home activities are of the utmost importance to those living with dementia. Beautiful You Uk therapeutic activities can be used at any stages of people living with dementia. Our group activities have proven to help residents lead a better and more enjoyable quality of life, improve wellbeing, and maintain relationships and interests around them.


Dementia Friendly, Feel Good Beauty Therapy has been designed for ladies to spend time feeling relaxed, peaceful and at ease, a way to enjoy uplifting benefits to help them feel special from the inside out. Beauty treatments through soothing gentle massage, skincare and makeup have been specially formulated for our ladies and is provided by our highly trained teams of Beautiful You UK Specialists. Experiences can be enjoyed one to one or as a group activity, our Specialists understand it is about time, engagement, connection and contact. Our feel good therapy has been formulated to be a tactical experience,  ladies with or without dementia, even those who may find it difficult to relax can benefit through our gentle touch, as it lets them know someone cares, helping them to feel less isolated, reduce anxiety and ease minds. There is something so incredible about the joy it brings to our ladies and also the change in their moods, benefits that stay long after they have enjoyed the experience.


Feel Good Beauty Therapy

During the therapy ladies receive a soothing skincare routine and gentle facial massage, to ease and relax the mind and improve and brighten the skins natural appearance.

A gentle relaxing hand massage to improve finger and wrist range of motion, enhance circulation and sooth dry skin.

Many of our ladies care for their appearance and they find comfort in us helping bring out their inner beauty through a light and natural makeup application to finish their experience helping our ladies look and feel good.


Residential Care Homes

Beautiful You UK offers Dementia Friendly Feel Good Beauty Therapy Experiences to all women in the UK Care Sector, so all can gain the important benefits of enhancing quality of life and wellbeing.

Beauty therapy is real boost for all women who attend and those around them in a relaxed, friendly and safe enviroment.

To find out further information about having Beautiful You as a theraputic activity in your care home please contact us at 07490 780 071 or


Dementia Friends

Beautiful You UK is proudly a Dementia Friend Organisation, bringing support and help into our community. With over 850,000 people in the UK with dementia it is sometimes the small ways in which you can help people affected, by helping to change peoples perception of dementia.

Beautiful You UK Dementia Friendly Feel Good Beauty Therapy helps support women living well with dementia and we are proud to be a dementia friendly care home activity, providing uplifting benefits to help and support thousads of women.

What to expect

You will be greeted by our friendly team of trained specialists. Techniques are treatments are explained in full, and everything needed will be provided by our team. Total session is approximately 90 minutes for 6-8 ladies.

Where to find us

Beautiful You UK is hosted in residential and nursing care homes across the U.K. Please contact us for further information for availability in your area. 

How much does it cost 

Please contact us at 07490 780 071 or

Working for Beautiful You  

With thanks to our team we are able to offer beauty therapy to many women across the UK. If you are interested in becoming part of our team you require experience in skincare and the application of make up. You will be helping support women within our care sector, so a friendly and kind nature is a must. 

If you would like to observe our work and discuss next steps please contact us on 07490 780 071 or at


Activity Coordinators Reviews

We had the girls here today. My residents loved the experience. They looked lovely and very relaxed. Even those that said they didn’t want anything wanted something by the end of the session. Thank you so much for coming to us at Red Rose and we look forward to seeing...

read more


Thank you so much for the special time you gave our lovely residents. It is so lovely to see how relaxed our ladies are and your gentle way really calms them, the families and friends of our ladies would like to say thank you.

Residential care home team 

It was great to see mum laughing and enjoying the treatments with the other ladies. It has been a while since I have seen her this relaxed and carefree.

Family member of Beautiful You UK participant

I love talking about the times I use to get dolled up, it seems I still like wearing makeup it has given me pride in myself, thank you.

Beautiful You UK recipient

The workshops are so valued, it helps to see the women they once were. It is about dignity, respect and making them feel special

Residential care home team 

An incredible and joyful experience for all our residents, it really gives them all such a wonderful boost, we look forward to every visit.

Residential care home team

I have felt so relaxed, it helps pass the time here and makes me and my day better.

Beautiful You UK  recipient

It made me feel so good, thank you to the Beautiful You Team.

Beautiful You UK recipient


Telephone: 07490 780 071

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